Spazeclub coworking along with the Project Management team offers premium office space to create a network, connect and grow at our premium and flexible co-working spaces. Be a part of the energy that comes from diverse backgrounds and collaborate to join a community which thrives together.

Our decisive resource- A line-up of value-added services, includes happening events and team building activities, to keep all our members happy.

We offer space along with an end to end business solutions to different organizations, budding entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and startups that thrive together.

We aim to bring the disruptive change in traditional work culture in India by taking inspiration from futuristic workspaces. Spazeclub offers a universal experience by offering a technology-driven environment along with cost-effective solutions and catering to the changing business dynamics.

Our greener spaces and inspiring designs help our members to work efficiently with tech-enabled office solutions.


As our name suggests we create space to club. Our enormously lavish designs crafted to glorify the state of art process which makes us unique. We are very different as we host events and workshops and focus on team building activities. Easy & fast internet access with 99 percent uptime along with notable hospitality are among other assets.

Our offices are ergonomically designed to provide a better work-life balance.

Spazeclub offers efficient spaces with cutting edge technology and premium hospitality to give you a truly inspiring office experience that helps acquire the right talent and reduces employee attrition

We are not confined only for startups, rather we are open for big corporates as well. Our project management team offers end to end solution.

Our greener spaces and inspiring designs help our members to work efficiently with tech-enabled office solutions.

  1. Exposure to external Innovation
  2. Managed but effective spaces
  3. Ability to scale up quickly
  4. Accommodation of corporate supply chains
  5. Leverage pricing due to depth of provisions
  6. Greater agility
  7. Opportunities for the tie-up.

Technical Overview


Structured Cabeling, MikrotikFirewall system, 100 MBPS Network, 12 MBPS High-speed bandwidth (4 MBPS speed in Each Premises) Switches setup, CAT 5 Cabling, MIKROTIK Firewall Security System.