Introducing SpazeClub

Spazeclub is a Business center along with project Management Company which offers complete business solution to an originations. With in-depth market study Spazeclub has come forward with low budget office space at the business hub in Gurgaon to give start- up a support of space. With minimal maintenance and low security deposit a startup can get started to execute.


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Why SpazeClub?

A platform for cooperative connection between experts for desired business condition. Its startup cost potential to begin with bound to have an effective business thought. 30 percent is saved on operational costs alone. The size of space, quality fit-out and services such as events and activities makes the difference.

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Why Co-working ?

Need of the time

Ambiance and facilities of a big corporate office in small rent amount is more than its worth. A low budget requirement by effective utilization of space you are spending on. Keep your office infrastructure expenses low yet equipped with all facilities for an optimally- functional office.

  1. Flexible
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Increased Productivity
  4. Improved Social Life
  5. Reducing Uncertainty
  6. Hassle Free
  7. Good Networking
  8. Avoiding Loneliness

“Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely, so being in a working space alongside people in same position as you is great. You are able to share the highs and lows and always bounce ideas off each other. Especially seeing as everyone has different businesses in various sectors- there is such a huge skill share – therefore, it’s not only hugely economical, but also great for mental focus.

Rajesh Jha, freelancer

“I’m the owner of a PR company and we actually co-habit with one of our clients. It’s great for keeping overheads down, building a team environment when the company is growing and is better for productivity by allowing people who would normally have to work from home to get the buzz and motivation of an office environment.”

Monjur Akhthar, freelancer

This really helps me to be able to refer business onto them at a later date. I find that switching around my environment and workspace is becoming more and more important for my creativity as a photographer. I get more antsy being stuck at the same desk all the time.”

Vikas Kumar, freelancer