Karan Uberoi

Versatile entrepreneur and hands-on leader with in-depth knowledge in business development, project management, negotiations, risk and feasibility analysis, project monitoring and control. Always focused on the triple bottom line. With over 5 years of events management experience and 4 years of tenure in NBFC, Mr. Karan uses his trademark skills of developing corporate relationships by spanning a number of industries with extensive business networking. In 2018 he began working on an idea to help business succeed not by traditional marketing but by providing a community that was collaborative and empowering. The idea is to let small business owners realize their dreams in an affordable, inspiring space that helped them succeed.


Nikki Uberoi

A strategic thinker with a track record of successfully leading high-profile projects, creating innovative solutions for expansion of cowork infra, developing and motivating teams to generate potential leads . Well experienced in client relationship management. Before SpazeClub, she was heading the Human Resource & Strategic Services department of ICAP wherein she showed exemplary performance in Talent acquisition, Client management & Business Development across verticals. She is a lead auditor certified by DNV and has conducted QMS and compliance audits of Sales and Operation teams in ICAP.